November 11, 2006 - Submitted by Edward 

The massage I got from Jake was one of the best, if not the best, I've ever had. The fact that he is handsome and has a stunning body is definitely a bonus too. I highly recommend him. Due to travel, sleeping in a strange bed, and spending too many hours at my computer at work, the muscles in my back and neck were very tight and painful. Jake did a great job of relieving the stress and pain.

January 06, 2007 - Submitted by edward 

For about ten months now, I have had massages to the one whom I would like to see much more frequently. Well, as of last evening, I definitely think that I have found the man. Jake Decker is definitely all and everything that others have written at this site as well as a few others. His environment, studio, manner in which he accepts appointments, and he himself are truly top knotch and indeed quite, quite professional. Not only is he a vision to one who has a keen eye for people, inanimate objects, for art, architecture, and other facets of beauty, he is highly adept in the art of executing a massage. After being with Jake for an hour and fifteen minutes,I am still basking in the experi- ence; my bod feels much better, too. Thank you, Jake. I think you have "won me over" as becoming a regular client of yours. Continue to do what you know and do best, man! 

April 19, 2007 - Submitted by tom

Jake's web site is easy to access and book appointments . He was friendly and open. The massage room was austere and clean. Jake is down to earth, and has no pretense whatsoever. He is very muscular and strong. He gave me a professional trained massage. It 's amazing what he can do with ALL of his body. He was creative and listen then responded to my needs. I will book many more massages with JAKE.

November 05, 2007 - Submitted by jim 

Made appointment with Jake when he was visting New York. Glade I did. He is a beautiful man with a beautiful body! He gave me a deep tissue massage that made me feel great afterward. There was not one inch of my body that he did not touch. There was a case of what felt like heart burn but was not heartburn that was bothering me for a few days that disappered as a result of the massage. I would recomment Jake.

February 11, 2005 - Submitted by joe

It would be easy enough to say that Jake is a nice guy who delivers a good massage, but that wouldn't do him or the massage much justice. He's certainly prompt, courteous and true to his photographs. And there's no doubt that he's skilled. What set apart his massage from others that I've had is that his sense of touch is not only the product of good training, but very good intuitive sensibilities. He was very good at determining where my body needed the most treatment, simply by touching and feeling. There were moments, literally, of "bliss" where I let go for fractions of seconds and felt like I nearly fell into some kind of sleep, but was brought back by another really good stroke. There were also moments when it felt like having a really good workout at the gym. The hour and a half flew by, but it certainly didn't feel rushed. And he books appts with sufficient time in between to not only set up for the next one, but to allow himself some time to recover - which, you'll see, is absolutely essential given how much of his body and strength he actually puts into the massage. I booked this massage while in New York on business. It's the first time I've ever booked a massage outside of my gym/club. I'm glad that the first experience of that kind was this good, and that it was with Jake.

July 12, 2006 - Submitted by Joseph

Jake's appointment book is on-line. He responds promptly, with all the information one needs. His greeting is warm, welcoming. New York is full of masseurs, and so too most world-class cities. Some are dopes, many are just fine, a few are exceptionl. The latter group on a scale of 1-10 gets a 10. Jake complicates this grading scheme, because he excels even the very best in every way and in every way imaginable, which is to say that he is overscale: an 11 or even a 12. Jakes is a gorgeous guy. His pics do NOT do him justice. But then beauty is only skin deep, and what one finds in Jake are qualities that run very deep indeed: physical allure, intellectual appeal. This guy charms the tiger joy. He is the best of the best. A++++++++++++

June 02, 2004 - Submitted by Kris 

I really, really, really loved this massage. It was comfortable from start to finish. Jake has a beautiful body, and has a very friendly and kind persona. His space is very comfortable. This was my second massage ever, and I'm going back to Jake for my next one, for sure. Thank You Jake!

June 20, 2004 - Submitted by James 

Jake gave me an excellent massage. He was thorough and knew which spots to hit perfectly. I got the massage to release tension that a high-pressure job accumulates; and Jake fulfilled everything his website said he would. He was very gentle and created an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. And the release part of the massage was intense. It was a wonderful way to end a perfect massage. I definitely will be back to see him.

March 08, 2009 - Submitted by Gerard 

Jake is a gentleman...I was intimdated at first because of my size (on the large side) and the fact that is such a huge star of the porn industry...but within minutes I was made to feel like I was the king of the road! He is so charming and warm and beautiful to look at and his massage, well, fantastic is the only word...that totally says what a kind of time you will have! Every muscle will scream with delight and you will feel like $10Million by the end of your visit...Jake's touch is so wonderful and rejuvenating that you literally don't remember the pain before you got there...he is a miracle worker!...and Kinder man you will never know...Thanks Jake...

June 01, 2009 - Submitted by Bernard 

Like this guy needs another rave review. I felt really fortunate to get a same-day appointment with this highly-rated, very popular massage therapist (leaving aside his deserved first-rank porn star status). From the phone conversation to the greeting at the door-to the shower he prepared for me after the massage, to the warm and sweet good-bye-this was about the best experience I ever had with a massage therapist. His body is amazing, and it's kind of a privilege to feel it against yours; he has a classically handsome face and dreamy eyes-but I'm not always so impressed by those things alone. The thing that really sets Jake Deckard apart is he *takes care of you*-he's attentive and responsive and intuitive about your sore spots and sensitivities, and while he's working on you, you see yourself as he sees you-as a person who deserves kindness, generosity, and a deepened sense of how good your body can feel. His image is sort of as a take-charge top, and I'm guessing that that's due to the same talents and skills that make him such a sweet, comforting presence. He's what you dream massage will be like when you try to decide whether to take the plunge. And to my mind, he undercharges

June 02, 2009 - Submitted by B 

Jake is a dream come true in every way! When I learned he was back in NYC I booked the first appointment I could get. In addition to needing a great massage, I was dealing with some annoying tension in my neck and middle back that I was hoping Jake could work on. Jake has such a knowledge of the human body and knew exactly what I was talking about and what to do to help alleviate this specific tension. I have never felt better! Jake's current location is very easy to get to and a great space to be in during your massage. Jake is one of those exceptional people that truly cares about giving you the experience you deserve and making sure your needs are met, from the comfort of the room, to the music, as well as providing a nice warm shower so you leave completely relaxed and refreshed. I have had many massage experiences and never has one come close to the high quality that Jake provides.

June 08, 2009 - Submitted by GC 

There aren't enough positive adjectives to describe how good Jake is. Not only is he an incredible masseur, but he's also intelligent, kind, and friendly (plus VERY easy on the eyes!). I booked an appointment through his easy-to-use website and got an email confirmation within 24 hours. He greeted me with a big smile at his spacious studio. The massage itself was bliss: Jake's super-strong and worked out every kink in my back with his massive hands. I liked how intuitive he was; Jake adjusted his strokes to my body's responses and his pressure wasn't too deep or painful, just firm enough to unknot my tense shoulders and neck. When the massage was over, he provided a soothing warm shower (as if I needed any more relaxing) and a big hug ... I practically floated home! The entire experience was a 10 from start to finish. I'm glad Jake's relocated to NYC - I can't wait to see him again

June 13, 2009 - Submitted by Gary 

This was the first appointment that I ever made with Jake. It was done via email and he was very prompt in confirming the appointment date and time which I requested. I opted for the ninety minute massage because I have been receiving one hour massages and they always seem to end just as I am beginning to enjoy the effects. I was and am very impressed with Jake. He makes a very good appearance with his down to earth approach, but make not mistake about the professionalism; he is a very serious and dedicated massage therapist and it is obvious that he not only was a good student in learning his craft, but also possesses the gift to use his hands intuitively to maximize the results. It is readily apparent why Jake has so many clients. He is one of the few who can claim to be an expert masseur. He found problem spots which I knew about as well as areas that had not been bothering me. At the end of the massage, I felt like a new man. Unfortunately, Jake has now spoiled me, there is no one who has provided me with as satisfying experience as I had with Jake based on the massage and the conversation. Oh well, guess I'm just going to have to make an appointment with Jake whenever I am in town and hope that he is available. 

June 28, 2009 - Submitted by Gary 

Being from out of state, I had earlier used Jake"s easy to use website to make the appointment and received confirmation within 24 hours. I had my first appointment two weeks earlier, but decided that my initial experience, which on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 20, that I needed another massage before leaving town. This man not only possesses the ultimate skills in a masseur, using his hands and body in a knowledgable and meaningful way to eliminate muscle knots and impingements which affect the body's ability to function normally, Jake is also in touch with the individual, taking an interest in the individual as a person and not as just another customer. New York City is indeed lucky to have a Jake Deckard located her to provide massage services which cannot contain enough superlatives. His skills and knowlwdge about the human body serve him and his client well in providing the ultimate massage. This was my second visit with Jake, but it will not be my last. Although I live down south, I visit enough times during the ourse of the year that future appoinments with Jake will be a definite part of all future visits. My only concern will be that he has the time to schedule me since I suspect and hope that his skills become even more in demand than they already are and that others will appreciate the feeling of wellness that comes from one of Jake's thorough massages

July 08, 2009 - Submitted by Gary

This was my third massage with Jake; the appointment was made through the easily accessed appointment book on his website. Since I was leaving NY on this day to return home to Florida, I decided that it was necessary to have "one for the road" so that I would feel refreshed for the long drive home. A Jake Deckard massage is a unique experience each time you go. I have had three in the six weeks I have been in town and each massage is in a class of its own. It is pure ecstasy. Jake attacked each knooted muscle and worked at it until I felt the give. For me personally, this is the true massage performed by a master. As I write this, it is two days later, and I still feel fantastic and loose. Jake literally threw his hole body into this massage..I beleive I stretched a couple of inches from Jake stretching out my back muscles (no complaints from me)! I do have one complaint, though. Jake is in New York and I am in Florida. That means I am SOL until I make a return trip, which I will do as quickly as possible so that I can once again enjoy a massage by a man who has no equal. I can say that quite easily because I have been getting massages for ten years by countless talented individuals. However, none of them matches the techniques utilized by Jake or his ability to untangle muscle knots. Between the incredible massage experience and the conversation, 90 minutes never flew by faster. Thanks again, Jake

October 19, 2009 - Submitted by Gary 

I made two appointments with Jake through his website and received a prompt response. I am writing this review after the second appointment which was four days after the first one. In order for me to best explain my experiences with Jake I must first preface my comments with my interpretation of a massage. A good massage is essentially an exhilarating experience. The goal of massage therapy is to help the body heal itself as well as to increase health and well-being. I have had massages from Jake before; unfortunately, I live out of the area and cannot obtain a massage that measures up to the quality of a massage from Jake where I live so that when I am in Manhattan, it is a given that I check Jake's schedule to make sure that I can schedule a massage. What is so outstanding in a massage by Jake is that he intuitively zeroes in on the areas where there is muscle stress or where the body appears to be out of alignment. I can literally feel the stress points relaxing and the lactic acid coursing through my body, having been released from the trigger points. Jake's massage is more than a rubdown; it is a learned process by an experienced and knowledgable masseur who applies his skills with exacting and fantastic results. A handsome man, Jake is also a great conversationalist in a variety of subjects. The total effect of the massage is at the end there is a sense of rejuvenation and wellness as well as a sense of sadness that the massage is over. It is obvious that Jake takes a great deal of pride in his work which is demonstrated not only by the relentless work done to smooth knotted muscles but in his concern for his client's comfort. I have visited numerous massage therapists with varying results ranging from unsatisfactory to adequate. I cannot find a suitable adjective to describe a massage by Jake and its beneficial results; the closest word I can think of is superlative. I am already planning my next appointment with Jake which will unfortunately have to wait until I visit the city again. But it will be an experience that is worth the wait!

December 11, 2009 - Submitted by Gary 

There is one adjective to describe the massage given by Jake: SUPERLATIVE. The man does not settle for adequate; he is basically striving to be the best and his work is a testament to his practice. The only problem is that 90 minutes never seems to pass as quickly as it does during this journey into mental and physical ecstasy. The physical well-being achieved from having all of the muscle knots and stress released is priceless. In addition, Jake is a great conversationalist and is very multifaceted in his talents and interests. I continue to look forward to not only receiving a quality massage which far exceeds the usual offerings in the area, but to see if Jake can improve on this perfect massage. It took me a long time to find Jake and as long as he wants to be a massage therapist, he will always have me as a client.

January 30, 2010 - Submitted by peter 

Knowing I would be returning to NYC in the midst of a lengthy international business trip I could think of nothing more necessary than a return visit to the magical hands of Jake. Finding his site extremely easy to arrange an appointment that worked with my having to book prior to making it to the City, I received a prompt Confirmation reply. Having just arrived on a lengthy overseas flight the night before my appointment the timing couldn't have been better finding myself struggling with severe lower back pain after the tedious plane-sitting. Wincing with the pain twinges lower back pain can cause I arrived at Jake's newer studio location right on time, greeted by his usual broad smile and welcoming demeanor. Jake makes you immediately comfortable as we discussed briefly my current back issues and slipping onto his comfortable table in his relaxining environment. I simply succumb to Jake's magical, yet firm touch knowing his intuitive nature of identifying 'problem spots'. As always the time literally flew by and the end came much too quickly. Feeling great I gingerly got up from his table to shower quickly identifying that the back pain had all but vanished! He truly is 'magical' and perhaps even a miracle-worker. After chatting and catching up briefly as I dressed I braced to enter the City's Winter chill, with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. Thank you SO very much, Jake, and look very much forward to the next time on your table

February 03, 2010 - Submitted by Hank

Jake has a down to earth real personality and his massage is wonderful. Great touch and technique and a very caring approach. Very comfortable space, warm and relaxing music created the perfect atmosphere. I really felt I received his full attention. I look forward to my next massage. Thank you Jake.

February 09, 2010 - Submitted by Gary 

I was fortunate enough to schedule an appointment with Jake for the day I arrived in town. Jake is very conscientious about returning email appointment requests, so with the cofirmation in hand I was looking forward to a deep tissue and overall massage from the man who has defined the quintessential massage. I was in definite need of a massage and without even mentioning where I was tight, Jake set to work to break up the knots in my neck and back. All during this time, Jake and I would converse because I like to talk about different things during a massage. However, there were periods where I just wanted to enjoy the massage and Jake respected those moments of silence. What was really special about this particular massage was that Jake wanted to spend extra time on the massage because I was obviously in need a a major overhaul, and asked if I had additional time for him to continue the massage. I will forever remeber that act of kindness; however, it did not surprise me that Jake offered this additional time. It is an indication of the concern that Jake has for his clients and the dedication Jake has for his craft. Yes, there are scores of masseurs in Manhattan, but how many of them are going to go the extra mile and show the concern that Jake does for his clients. I am a very satisfied individual and look forward to more massages from Jake

May 27, 2010 -  Email address kept private as requested by reviewer

It was so easy to book an appointment with Jake. His website told me everything I needed to know, and he confirmed the appointment promptly. I arrived at a terrific studio with a room dedicated to massage. Jake greeted me, asked some preliminary questions, and left to let me get settled. The massage itself was fantastic. Jake identified and worked all my trouble spots, paying particular attention to my shoulders and my lower back and legs. He blended deep muscle work with soothing strokes, and uses his entire body during the massage. You can't deny that he's gorgeous - and built - but Jake couldn't do more to make his clients feel comfortable or provide a high-quality massage. I'll be back

July 10, 2010 - Submitted by Gary 

It was easy to schedule the massage: a telephone call or text message with a preferred date, time and length of appointment and Jake promptly contacts you to verify the request. The massage itself is a treat. Jake is very thorough in detecting and working on knotted muscles until the knots are released and Jake is very good with the amount of pressure applied; I prefer a very deep massage which Jake was able to provide due to his well-muscled physique and strength based on a dedicated workout regimen. While the massage is appreciated for its beneficial effects, it is also a pleasure to engage Jake in conversation. I like to talk during the massage and Jake and I had interesting discussions on a variety of topics. I have been sheduling appoinments with Jake at various times over the past year as part of my visits to the Big Apple and I always enjoy the quality of the massage and the feeling that I am visiting a friend. It is a good way to spend ninety minutes

November 25, 2010 - Submitted by Gary 

The appointment was easy to schedule on Jake's website; in fact, I received confirmation of the appointment within one day. As for the massage itself, I can only say that I wish it did not end although at no time did I feel rushed; in fact at the end, Jake offered a very nice warm shower. Jake zeroed in on tight muscles in my back and continued to work on them throughout the massage. The man knows his business and has hands of gold. In addition to being an excellent masseur, Jake is both good looking and a good conversationalist; with Jake, it feels like you are with a friend. I left the massage in a very satisfied way and look forward to more massages from this talented man

December 10, 2010 - Submitted by Artie 

I always browse but never dared to actually hire a masseur, I tend to be on the shy side of things, but there was something about Jake's pictures, always catching my eye so I finally decided to text him and make an appointment, he almost immediately responded and we set it up, He is hot! oh so HOT!, His apartment is cozy and clean, very relaxing, he helped with my jacket as we chatted a little and then we moved on to the massage, I have had massages before but never with a private masseur, I think he sensed my nervousness but once the massage started there was something about the combination of his hands and the ambience that helped me relax, the massage was AMAZING! he felt where the tension had built almost instinctively, and worked on the knots like and expert, and it only got better from there, by the end of the massage I was completely relax, and speechless, he run the shower for me and made sure I had everything I needed at hand, I also liked the fact that his attitude did not changed from beginning to end, always courteous and friendly, like somebody who enjoys what he does. and I'm not giving any more details, this is something that should be experienced... I've felt amazing since than and can't wait to go back, and that is why I am giving him My first review eve

July 31, 2011 - Submitted by Steve 

Jake gives an awesome massage and is a complete delight. My appointment was confirmed in a timely manner as promised on the site. When i arrived for my appointment i was greeted at the door with a warm hello and handshake, and was welcomed in. The first site of those blue eyes is pretty arresting. As is the man himself. The massage was thorough, and right on target with the toughest areas of knots getting the most shoulders and arms and back. Amazingly talented hands that alternate very gentle specific touch to full on kneading and very directed pressure. Felt great. My back and shoulders felt completely opened up by the time he was done. I left a very happy and satisfied client and look forward to another massage from him. I recommend him completely

July 31, 2011 - Submitted by brian 

THIS WAS THE BEST MASSAGE I HAVE EVER HAD! Today I found the best masseur and it was Jake! 90 minutes of experienced massage with great pressure, and a knowledgeable masseur. There was no hopping and jumping, but a focused, thorough,fantastic massage. Everywhere and anywhere,scalp, neck, arms, feet, quads, calfs, and oh the other part was great! I will be going back to Jake without a doubt and have asked him to let me know when he comes into town; but after 50 years, and 30 in the city of San Francisco; Jake is the best! Also, You may think his rate might be a bit high, because its "Jake" but take my word, he is worth every damn penny and more!! After all there is a difference between white zinfadel and and aged cabernet, and canned tuna and caviar! Thanks Jake!

August 07, 2011 - Submitted by Gary 

Although I never do this as a rule because I respect the time that massage therapist needs and has available, I took the chance andcontacted Jake by text message to determine if he had any openings. To my amazement and good fortune, he did, and I immediately booked the time. Jake has a veryserene massage area and his music is very calming. But for me, conversation is important and for the most part we were chattering away, discussing a variety of issues. However, in spite of the conversation, Jake was on task, giving me one fantastic massage which loosened the muscle knots in my back and addressing the stress in my neck and shoulders. Jake uses the full weight of his body to enhance the benefits of the massage and you definitely feel a closeness as he kneads his way through your muscles. I massage with Jake is not only a treat, but a necessity

March 09, 2004 -  Email address kept private as requested by reviewer

All i can say is Jake is awesome. Have had a few session now, and plan to continue to doing so. Great face, great body and great personality. A real sweetheat. From the minute you walk in until you leave, he makes you very comfortable. Limited schedule on my side, but he has always accommodated my saturday preference.

May 26, 2005 -  Email address kept private as requested by reviewer

What can I add that hasn't already been said about Jake? I certainly agree with the reviews already here and on his website. Appointments are really easy to setup, and from his website, you know exactly what he looks like, every inch of him. Yes, he does look even better in person. His location is easy to find in Chelsea. Great apartment, clean, comfortable, quiet, makes for a relaxing and secure environment. The massage was professional, but not mechanical. My back and right thigh needed a lot of attention and he did a great job loosening things up. Sadly, I won't be coming to Manhattan very often in the future. Otherwise, I'd like to be back on his table next week for a longer session, now that I know how great he is at his craft from start to finish

February 08, 2005 -  Email address kept private as requested by reviewer

The whole experience with Jake was great right from scheduling to the actual appointment. Everything was easy and comfortable. Jake was on time, met me at his door and made me feel comfortable from the beginning. His massage space was great and he not only has an amazing body and face- but is an amazing person. The massage and whole experience was better than I had anticipated. Will definitely book again with Jake!

March 29, 2012 - Submitted by Carlos 

I made a same day appointment with Jake via his web page. Within a few minutes, I got a confirmation of our appointment, later that day. When I arrived, I was greeted by Jake, who is quite the looker and had an amazing body. He was very hospitable and offered me a glass of water. A week prior, I had a number of days, where I was stressed at work and Jake's firm hands were just what I needed to get rid of the tension in my upper back. The rest of the massage had me moaning every now and then to remind myself of the bliss Jake was giving me. The massage ended with Jake massaging my face and head. Excellent through and through. When we were done, Jake graciously offered a warm shower.

April 09, 2012 - Submitted by Napoleon

This was a spur of the moment thing. I was feeling pretty tired and sore all week and thought I'd treat myself to a massage. I was headed to NYC that day anyway and thought I'd meet Jake after class. I asked him if he was available that day and sent me a confirmation pretty quickly. Meeting Jake, he was incredibly handsome with a killer smile and great body. He offered me a glass of water before the massage and then got down to business. He worked very thoroughly on my body, especially my back and asked if I was comfortable from time to time. He's definitely not a clock watcher and took his time. Afterwards, he prepared a warm shower and even helped me put my jacket on before I left. He said I was welcome anytime, and believe me, I will see him again

September 08, 2012 - Submitted by Ares 

Wow... This guy does the best massage! He really spends time working deeply into every knot. I have only had 2 massages in my life where I felt like butter afterwards. He was one of them! Nice work!

March 05, 2013 -  Email address kept private as requested by reviewer

I was able to get an appointment with Jake very quickly. He was willing to take me early in the morning. His massage technique is excellent, it was a combo of deep tissue and shiatsu. He was very willing to change pressures on the areas I needed it and relax on the more tender muscles. His pictures are extremely accurate, you will not be disappointed. After the massage, I felt I was able to breath easier, he really worked out all of the kinks in my shoulder, legs, and feet. Would go back to him any day!

January 22, 2014 - Submitted by timothy

A great guy, great massage, great experience. I admit, I was very nervous. He's very hot, obviously, and that's exciting but intimidating ... and I've been burned by some terrible masseurs. But when I arrived, he immediately put me at ease. He said he's been doing massage for 20 years, and it shows. He found spots on my back, legs and feet that I didn't even realize were tense. Great masseur. And I had always thought he was hot in photos but he's hotter in person. No details here but… heaven. I had asked for a 90-minute massage and it was great. But I could have spent 90 minutes just looking at him and been happy… or 90 minutes just talking with him. He's smart and interesting and a compassionate person. LOVE him! Can't wait to see him again

September 26, 2014 - Submitted by Biguy 

I wish the numbers went above 10 - Jake gave me one of the best massages I've ever had anywhere. I had a little trouble finding his place but once there he immediately made me feel comfortable. He knew exactly where my tight/sore spots were and honed in on them. Besides the fact that he is very handsome and very sweet, he is one of the best trained masseurs I've ever encountered. I highly recommend him to anyone.

January 19, 2015 - Submitted by Brian

I am someone who has been getting 90-minute weekly massages for 5+ years. I booked Jake for a 90-minute session this afternoon and what an experience he is! In my 5+ years of gettiing massages, he is TRULY the BEST! He knows what he is doing when it comes to massage. In addition, he is an incredible sight to look at-VERY professional and just an all-around great guy! I may actually book him one more time before he leaves NYC. No matter what coast you are on, you must book a session with Jake-you wil NEVER EVER regret it......nor will you forget it! Thanks, Jake, for an incredible session. You are amazing!

March 27, 2015 - Submitted by Russ 

I was fortunate enough to have a massage with Jake while in New York City...he was professional and gave an outstanding massage. I would HIGHLY recommend a session with him. I was very impressed with his personal interaction...he was genuine and sincere...made direct eye contact and made me feel like a valued person. I cannot thank him enough for such a wonderful session. A REAL man that cares.

I had a wonderful massage session with Jake over the weekend while I was in NYC. The experience was everything I could have hoped for, from start to finish.

His site, where you can schedule an appointment right online, is great -- -- and answers most of the questions you might have.

The environment at his place is clean and soothing. His touch is professional (and erotic at the same time). His personality is masculine, friendly, and very down to earth.

I highly recommend treating yourself to a great time with a great guy.

(Thanks again, Jake!) -ACE BANNON, 


Bottom line: Jake is just terrific!! I enjoyed the experience tremendously! First off, he is drop-dead gorgeous. What a body! 

He is also really nice and easy to talk to...once you arrive at his apartment, everything is smooth, easy, and relaxed.

His massage technique is very "informed." It pays serious attention to muscle groups and feels refreshing and therapeutic. But of course, there is much more than that! I found Jake to be very "generous" with his own body as well. What fantasy fulfillment to have this beautiful man all over you. 

I will definitely be back -reddog

This was the second time in as many weeks that I had a massage from Jake. I have been getting massages for many years, but strictly non-sensual ones. His massage was exceptional. That it was done in the nude was pure bliss. He is very masculine in his demeanor, has a beautiful body and has apparently allowed his body hair to return-- a plus. Each time I had the massage it was slightly different, but you knew that he knew what he was doing. Much of the first part of the massage he has you lying on your stomach on a typical massage table; and, so, it is very difficult to watch him work. However, he frequently brings his body very close to your idle hands and encourages you to fondle him. Then, when you turn to lie on your back, he takes some more liberties with the massage, especially when he is doing your inner thighs. He allows for a considerable amount of touching. How the session ends is quite variable I imagine. Suffice it to say, however, it was highly erotic. Jake is an exceptionally competent, respectful, and manly individual.

I went to Jake for a wonderful massage and that is what i got!As i told Jake i have massages at least once a month and sometimes more if i have the time, and i must say that his was probably one of the best if not the best massage i have had.I definetly plan on seeing him on a regular basis.He is a sexy, lovely guy who made me feel very comfortable and really involves himself in the massage and your needs.I liked him right away and knew that this was going to be great.i am someone who has a very successful and very stressful business and look forward to pampering myself when time allows.Jake is definetly a great find!!!Thank you Jake. 


I have always wanted to treat myself to getting a professional massage. I have seen Jake advertised for the past couple of years and turning 40, decided to treat myself to a nice birthday present. I wasn't let down. I liked the way he made his appointment scheduling through his website, I received an email right away with confirmation and instructions on what to do. This was my first time seeing him. For those that may be visiting by car, there is plenty of parking on the street as well as two garages within blocks to where is located. When I walked in, the first thing that struck me was his eyes. They were really beautiful. He offered me something to drink and then went to work. His body was beautiful and I loved his tattoos. The massage was incredible. I can tell that every move Jake made was done with intense and serious thought. I loved it and sensed he was a real pro and enjoyed it himself. I don't think I have ever been so relaxed in my life. He found all the spots where I needed work. I loved the feeling of his big strong hands working my body. I loved his chest rubbing up and down my back. I loved feeling his hairy ass and pubic hair. The massage area is very soothing, with music and the sound of water trickling..I was able to touch Jake while he was naked. After it was over, I was able to shower and we talked for a bit. I sensed even more then that he is a really down-to-earth guy. I also want to mention that I love the sense of smell. Whatever he uses made the feeling even more sensual. I love the way he smelled too. Jake looks much better in person than he does in the photos on his website. I mentioned to him that he's got a new monthly regular customer and I am anxiously waiting going back to see him again. Looks like I'll be going once a month.

Jake has a system of making appointments on the internet that is so easy, I was immediately impressed. He is very specific about what he will and will not do and what he wants you to do and not do. I was almost nervous. I arrived at his apartment about ten minutes early but walked around the neighborhood because he is clear that he does not want you there early. I knocked on his door and when he answered, all my apprehensions were erased. He was cool, friendly and handsome. I have had massages in some of the finest resorts in the world and the work over he gave to me far exceeded anything at the the resorts. Unlike the luxury resort masseurs, Jake was naked and his body was flawless. I did not really know what to do. I did not know if I should touch him but eventually I relaxed some and did make some moves, which he did not object to. However, the massage was so fine, I really did not feel a need to anything except to do anything except take it, baby! I thought Jake was extremely professional and the massage itself was outstanding, the best I ever had. His home is clean, the atmosphere he creates with the music and lighting is perfect and his entire operation from the appointment on the internet to the shower after we were done was organized, easy and enjoyable. Plus, he was personable and kind. I will go back to him. He does not know it was me on his table. (I did email him later I was there, but did not pin-point what name I used.) This site and reviews were never mentioned or even hinted at by either one of us. He is not an escort, he is a super fine masseur and a great bargain. -HOOBOY


I have a massage once or twice a month. As a customary masseur of mine was to be away, I looked through Hoo Boy and Masseurnet and found Jake. He had no recent reviews and so I wanted to assure those interested in first-class massage that Jake is alive and flourishing in Chelsea in New York City. There are several points to make about Jake. First, he has an extraordinarily beautiful body. A Praxiteles would have been honored to sculpt him. Jake uses that body well, comfortable as he is in its nudeness. Second, he is a strong and gifted masseur. He found those knots and points of tension and ironed them out, skillfully and commandingly. I knew I was, literally, in "good hands." Third, he is a mature person, reflective on what he does, engaging about his client, and always helping the client celebrate his physicality. Finally, he is adept at using his beautiful body to help the client have a powerful release. Throughout the massage there are erotic aspects, undertones, and overtones. At the climax, Jake presents himself in a sensual and generous way that heightens the experience. He has a superb space -- good music and lighting. The conversation is engaging and insightful. Jake limits himself to two people a day, so haste in making an appointment is advised. Let me emphasize that Jake is among the very best anywhere. He is not an escort; he is a superior sensual masseur, given to great erotic sensibility.

He looks fantastic. His new location is better than the last. His massage has gotten better, if that's possible, since he returned from Florida. His has a beutiful buff, muscled body and uses it all during the massage, yes all..His pleasing personality really adds to the experience. He is a true masseur, trained proffessionaly, not like those who rub and push. I am a fan of his work and recommend him highly. 


What you get is a professional massage with the extras, "surprises" that I have never had in the 30 years of massages. Your imagination will be alert, and stimulated, and wonder what is next? I plan on one per month from now on. It is so easy talking with Jake during the massage, and both being without clothing is a relaxing equal balance of relaxation. The end of the massage is what you make for yourself, enjoy it. 

Jake has a great therapeutic touch perfect for relieving all of life's little least those that can be momentarily massaged away. His touch is strong and firm and yet tender and sensual at times. What an awesome combination. Top that off with his gracious personality and the fact he's very easy on the eyes and you'll find yourself in heaven on earth for a least a short while. I was so totally relaxed after our last massage session that I gladly would have paid to extend the appointment for another hour just so it didn't have to end.


Jake's most definitely THE masseur to see in NYC. I've seen him for a few years now and am never dissapointed; he not only gives a great REAL massage but offers it in the nude offering a hot balance between the professional and the erotic. Always a pleasure to visit him! 


Had the good fortune to book an appointment with Jake last October. Best legit massage I have ever had. Very erotic too. Jake's better than an escort, IMHO. 


he is a true professional masseur..very good and highly recommended..... 


He's a great guy, highly recommended. 


I...would like to say that he is a great masseur. He does a wonderful job. It's been a while since I took care of man's most basic need - a good massage.


What a cool guy. He's got tons of happy satisfied customers who write reviews over on the HooBoy site. Let me add to his praises over here. Sensitive, accommodating, professional, funny, perfect mingling of conversation and quiet, great hands, ideal setting. It's a perfect respite from the agony of a stressful day. And then, of course, there is that absolutely beautiful, muscular body. Jake is wonderful. He provided me with my own personal hour on a balmy island. Oh, and yeah, he does that release stuff good too! Highly, highly recommended.


I replied a few months ago that I got a massage from Jake in January and was thoroughly pleased and satisfied. I found him
to be very attractive and have a very sexy body...He was friendly while maintaining a professional stance. I will defenitely get another massage from him when I return. He is forthcoming about what can and cannot happen and,
believe me, that alone saves much time. Again, he is a nice great guy who is very attractive and gives one hell of a good


HI, I have had a massage with Jake, several months ago. I found the entire experience great from start to finish! He looks great,
feels great! I look forward to the next time but have not been able to get into the city. 


I had a wonderful time with Jake and
would not hesitate to use him again. His website explains fully and in detail the massage
that he offers. I am 48 average looking guy who likes a massage in a nice setting.


This is my second review of Jake. He has got more muscular since I saw him a couple of
months ago, and he also moved the massage table to another room in his flat. More
importantly, the massage was different from last time, so I'm not about to tire of any
routine soon. This was not just nice, it was forceful and energetic, Jake seems
to sense just how far he can go without hurting you. We chatted pleasantly throughout our
session. It really is fun to have such a good-looking guy with you in the room totally
focusing on giving you pleasure...
The release portion of my massage was very hot... though Jake is a masseur and not an
escort, he certainly knows how to please a man if you respect his limits.
Basically, for the fee he charges, I feel it's money well spent. I'll go back any time I'm in
New York.


I had never had a massage before, at least a professional one. I had only ones done by
friends. And believe me, they weren't fun..Jake was by far the best. Being the total
'virgin' that i was, he TOTALLY put me at ease. He was so easy to talk to, very friendly and
his hands and body were SO amazing! I was a bit nervous to even touch him..but that was
me...he massaged my entire back side and totally fixed my right shoulder...i couldn't help
but let out small moans..he really did an excellent job..once he flipped me over, he
massaged my chest, neck and rest of my was definitely sensual...He was fucking felt good to also get some release...he was such a sweetie pie, he moved my
hands towards his gorgeous body when he was wanking me...and what a beautiful body he
has... what a sweet, sweet guy! I am professional, in my late 20's, never had ever done any of this...i was just curious..never hired an escort ever...probably won't ever either..just thought that i would
treat myself to a great massage to celebrate my promotion...and BOY was it great! So
good, that i had to write this review...jake's previous reviews were right! he is truly
amazing! i am definitely going to treat myself good when my birthday comes! 



although Jake is not an escort - he treated me better and left me more satisfied then many of the escorts i have been with. he more then lived up to his description - he's totally beautiful - and delivered an amazing massage. he was friendly, charming and funny. totally worth it.

Jake's photo suggested some hardness and edge. Upon meeting him I sensed softness. As soon as he touched my skin, massaging my back I knew I was in for a good ride. I have had many massages from a variety of sources over the years. Jake is very good. I agree with all the positive comments from his other reviews on this site. His web-site very accurately describes his services. Meeting him and receiving his services was a wonderful relaxing positive experience. Jake is into quality and service, a true professional. I am looking forward to being with him again.

I concur with all the positive reviews about Jake. He's got a great body, a great attitude, and he's that ideal combination of professional and sensual so many of us are looking for. He spent nearly the entire hour on my body, yet he combined massage work with a mounting sensual energy....Jake is the real deal and I definitely plan to see him again.


I went to Jake's apt. for a massage. It's located in Chelsea and is readily accessible by subway. He has a nice space sectioned off in his apartment for the massage table. It's clean and comfortable.

Like other reviewers have mentioned before, Jake is much better looking in person. He's very friendly and quickly makes you feel at ease. After a brief chat, we both took off our clothes and I lay down on his massage table. He then began to massage my neck, shoulders, and back. His technique is excellent. He begins superficially and then gets deeper and has a great knack for finding knots and sore spots. He then moves down to your glutes, legs, calves, and finally to your feet.

All the while, you can feel his naked body rubbing against you. Some reviewers have complained that it seems like Jake doesn't want you to touch him or see him. I can understand their frustration but it's really for your own good. If you're straining to watch him or to touch him, you're really undoing all the good that his hands have done so far. So while the temptation may be there, it's probably in your best interest to enjoy the work that his hands are doing on your back side. Besides, you get to see and touch him much more once you flip over to your back.

So, after finishing with the back, I flipped over to my stomach. This is where the eroticism builds. It's much easier to see and touch him as he works your front side. It's quite a sight when you're peering up at his incredible torso when he leaning over you and massaging your neck and shoulders.

Afterwards, he'll let you use his bathroom to clean up.

Jake is a great guy. He's articulate, intelligent, very talented, and honest. I would highly recommend him to others.



I finally got in to see Jake last Friday. Boy, was that hard. I found out from him that the trick is to use email. I kept trying to call him, thinking that was the best way. I'll know next time.

Anyway, the massage was excellent. Jake is everything that he advertises. He is a little thinner now than in his photos (not alot, just leaner), but I think it works much better for him. Hes got such a nice face, and alot warmer looking in person than the photos on his web site (Jake, if you are reading this, get new photos! You look so much better now!) He has moved his massage space into this room that is about the size of a standard massage room (small, but intimate, I think). Hes got clouds on the walls, which made me realize something important. There are some guys out there that don't seem to really care. They have lousy spaces (sometimes really dirty), and usually give lousy massages. Then there are those like Jake, who seem to really be putting effort into what they do. I don't really want to go into the details, but it was worth every penny.


I saw Jake’s page at and it was fun, then his emails were even better. Just so there’s
no mistake, there’s a difference between a massage and the services of an escort. Jake gives the very
best massage (wow) and makes it an unbelievably warm and erotic experience. He looks and feels
gorgeous and has no attitude...This guy is really, really good. I know it’s not the same as an hour with an escort but I actually had
a better time with Jake than with most escorts I’ve hired. I will definitely see Jake again.-mb


I just met with Jake. WOW! It was quite an experience. I hesitate to share - too much - because I'm not sure how he'd feel about
it: I don't know if it was the excitement of not knowing for sure if all I would get was a massage. Or if we really did have a H O T
time, but the least I can say is that the pictures on his page are for real and you can enjoy him FULLY!The only difference is that
he is not as smooth now as in the photos (some hair obviously grew back). But if you like what you see - go for it!



I recently had a massage from Jake. His web page is very accurate but I think he looks much better in person...his photos don't
do him justice. He is very professional and works in a very clean, comfortable apt. He provided everything he claims on his
webpage. He relaxed completely after the massage and we chatted briefly. I would repeat the experience. -Ken


I found Jakes ad from His web site is straight to the point with no BS. He has a FAQ section that had all me questions answered before I even called. We chatted a little and I was able to see him within a few hours. (His hours are pretty limited by the way, I think only Mon-Fri from 10-8). He opened the door I was a little taken aback. He is much hotter in person. The photos in his ad are good, but they don't do him justice. His apartment is on the small side, but he has curtained in his work area and his table is the best I've felt in awhile. He asked me to undress, and he took off his clothes. He started his massage very light and got gradually deeper. I didn't even notice that his was really starting to dig in until he found my sore area. He worked on each side of my back for about 15 minutes each, and then gave my glutes a good working over with his fists and knuckles, and then down my legs...He has this big wonderfully natural body. Not fat, but not fake either. He obviously spends a lot of time on it. We talked about working out and diet during the massage. I found him easy to get along with and I could tell he liked to talk, but every so often he let the conversation die down so he could concentrate. He is licensed and trained and it shows. He finished the massage off with my upper body (chest, arms, head and neck). He knew that I work with my hands and gave them a working over that I will not forget. He allowed me to touch him, but sometimes politely asked or moved my hands back to the table. At first I thought he didn't want me touching him, but I realized that he was just trying to do good work and needed me relaxed...

Jake has fairly limited hours but once I was able to schedule time, it was great.  He starts off asking questions as to what makes you comfortable.  Then you strip and lie face down and he gives one of the best full-body massages I've ever had.  Then you roll over and he does the same for your chest, arms and legs and during this part it slowly becomes sensual.  He encourages you to feel his great body...  He is very sweet, gentle masculine man and a real professional. 


Jake gives the most incredible and erotic massage.  Right from the start, he was totally naked, which turned me on.  During the massage, he would gently rub his d***k against my skin, even allowing me to touch him.  He was warm and friendly, and constantly made you feel like you were the center of attention.  He didn't have any attitude whatsoever ...  I came all over the place!  It was the best experience and I will definitely use Jake again! 

One hundred dollars well spent! I had a great massage with Jake. What a sweet guy with a completely beautiful body. I love the fact that with Jake you know that there is release at the end (he says so on his web page)... a perfect conclusion to a super, professional rub down. Jake didn't rush me at all, and there was time to take a shower and clean up afterwards. What a cutie!

If you enjoyed your massage with me and youd like to tell others about it, please goto and submit a review.



THANKS Y'ALL: I would like to thank the people at for finding my web page (which I had just put together to answer people's questions and didn't really plan on taking it much more than that) and making it into a business for me. I am so very grateful. I would also like to thank HooBoy at Male 4 Male Escort Review. Thank you, sirs.